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What began as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes way back in 1908 has become an internationally recognized brand.
You can call us Converse.
Our founder Marquis Mills created Converse’s first basketball sneaker in 1917, launching a legacy – both on and off the court. The original sneaker design was brown canvas, highlighted by black rubber soles and leather trim. By 1920, the sneaker had earned a name that would stand the test of time – the “All Star.”
This elite sneaker was the first mass produced sneaker in the world, attracting a diverse crowd of individuals who wanted more than functionality from their footwear. They wanted something that they could identify with. That notion became the backbone of what Converse stands for today.
Soon, Converse All Star sneakers weren’t just for athletes. The people wanted more, and we listened.
Converse All Star sneakers became a symbol of self-expression –as unique as the artists, musicians, skaters, and complex individuals wearing them. It was no longer about a shoe, but a way of being.
To this day, we celebrate creativity with sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons, and Jack Purcell. Our customers have paved a path, determining their journey each step of the way.
Converse is made for you and by you.

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